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Innocent Hound

The Innocent Hound Flea Repellent 150g

The Innocent Hound Flea Repellent 150g

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Fighting off fleas never tasted so good!

Our unique recipe combines ingredients that work together to provide a natural flea and tick repellent; a healthy, delicious and chemical free way of keeping fleas at bay.  These grain-free treats help to protect your hound from undesirable insects, whilst promoting a healthy skin and coat.  Made with the finest ingredients we gently air-dry the treats to retain their nutrients and flavour.

​Made with a single protein - only beef goes into these treats. 

Innocent recommendation: For best results, feed daily from spring, to maximise protection during the summer months.  Feed 2 treats per 10kg of dog's weight per day.

Flea Repellent is available in 2 pack sizes, and can be found in our Fine Health range.

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