The Brands We Stock & Love

Choosing what brands and suppliers we work with for a local independent pet store is something we take very seriously. We want the best products for the pets you love. With that in mind here is a list of some of our faves and the reason why we chose them:


All For Paws - Dog & Puppy accessories

 All For Paws specialise in designing unique and stylish products for dogs and cats. The team behind All For Paws continually strives to design products that meet both the needs of the animals, but also fit the different lifestyles of their owners. All For Paws describe them as functional products with a story and a purpose. All For Paws products are available worldwide.

Animal Instincts - Dog & cat toys and accessories

 Animal Instincts make a fantastic range of fun and colourful soft dog toys to keep your dog entertained for hours. Great for play time and training.

Arden Grange - Dog food

 25 years of trusted pet nutrition With nutrition without compromise and pet health at the core of the brand, Arden Grange has enjoyed an unwavering reputation within the pet food industry since its launch in 1996. Arden Grange was born from a love of pets. Providing a nutritious diet for dogs and cats, without compromising on quality, ingredients, or health benefits. This was the foundation on which the naturally hypoallergenic Arden Grange range was built.

Bamboodles - Dog Chews

The natural strength of bamboo fibre combines with nylon fibres to create a longer-lasting, durable chew toy - suitable for all dogs, including those more aggressive chewers.

Beaphar - Health treatments for dogs & cats

Dental care for cats and dogs is just as important as taking care of your own teeth. Just like humans, cats and dogs can suffer from bad breath, plaque and dental problems. Regular dental care prevents dental disease and subsequent, costly veterinary interventions.

For our pets, their teeth and mouth do much more than just eat food. Their mouths are used as hands for picking things up, and of course for grooming. This means that without good oral hygiene, dental problems like smelly breath, plaque, or more serious issues like periodontal disease can occur.

To help you keep on top of your pet’s oral hygiene Beaphar offers a wide range of dental care solutions for your cat or dog.

Beco - Environmentally friendly range of dog food, treats, dog & cat toys, poop bags and accessories

 Discover BECO's high quality food, poop bags, toys + more. Rated 4.6* by dog & cat lovers. Join over 1,800 happy customers whose pets enjoy BECO pet products every day.

Beddies - Dog & cat beds

Their mission is not necessarily to make the most exclusive beds, but rather to make beds that pets love, that are affordable and using the best materials that money can buy – whether this relates to our Value range or the tough and durable Waterproof range. Our knowledge of fabrics and fibres, gained over the years through Pownall & Hampson Ltd, has also allowed us to bespoke develop in the most economical way possible.

Canophera Coffee wood - Dog chews

In a world that is constantly changing, we want to give our dogs what they need: safety, the ability to relieve stress, and the feeling of being understood. It is our mission to provide our loyal companions with products that bring calm and pleasure back into their everyday lives, while meeting their natural desire to chew.

Chuckit - Tough dog toys

Since the late 1990’s, many dog toy companies have tried to copy Chuckit!’s innovative ball Launchers but none have come close. We’ve got the most powerful ball Launchers in the world with plenty of stylish and functional balls to go in them.

Cocopup - ranges of co-ordinated harnesses, collars and leads for dogs and accessories for their owners

Cocopup wanted to create a brand all about matching accessories in the cutest patterns for you and your pooch! All Cocopup products will match Coconut Lane products in our bestselling designs (think Phone Cases, Scrunchies, Face Coverings and more!) Cocopup is run by a small, close knit team of women working hard to not get distracted by their office pooch Ralph...

Company of Animals (COA) - Leads and collars

 From leads and collars to shampoos and toothbrushes, our products make every part of life with your pet more enjoyable.

Cotswold Raw - Raw dog & cat food and range of natural treats

 The Cotswold RAW formula is a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet, which means it features raw meat, bones, herbs and seasonal vegetables

Coya - Dog food & treats

DogTreats. Delicious treats made from premium human grade meat! Make treat time tasty and nutritious with 100% raw meaty treats!

Dreamies - Cat Treats

Delicious and full of flavour - cats and kittens can't resist them!

Durham Animal Feeds - Raw dog food

 Durham Animal Feeds is a leading provider of affordable and quality raw pet food. We have an extensive range to suit all pets.

Eden - Holistic dog food

Quality Dog Food Approved By Vets & Nutritionists. 100% Customer Service. Holistic Recipe. Made in Britain with British Ingredients. Supports Health through Nutrition. 5 Star Reviews.

Engage - Working dog food

 The Engage line provides extra protein for muscle strength, perfect for dogs who spend their days in the fields and need tailored nutrition to protect their joints and give them the endurance they need to do their jobs joyfully.

Engage will also give them a shiny coat and a wagging tail with a delicious taste and a high-quality recipe.

Felix - Cat food

Treat your cat with Felix As Good As It Looks, Doubly Delicious Cat Food. In meaty and fishy varieties with a mouthwatering jelly.

Forthglade - dog treats & health supplements

50 Years Experience Making Natural And Nutritious Dog Food With High Quality Ingredients. Selection Of Complete and Complementary Meals and Treats. For Dogs Of All Ages. Shop Now. Free From Junk. Vitamins & Minerals. Wheat & Grain Free.

Furrish - Full range of grooming products and shampoos

Furrish developed a complete range of grooming products you'll both love to use. Learn Our Story. All our shampoos and colognes are proudly made in the UK

George Barclay (England) - Dog beds, the definition of comfort- Use Code HG PETS to get FREE DELIVERY

Beautiful Dog Beds Designed With Your Dogs Comfort In Mind. Large Range Of Sizes & Colours


Gigwi - Dog & cat toys

Our commitment to pet needs requires a holistic approach to making toys. It begins by using research to understand what sort of materials combined together work best, it continues by bringing together people to develop new ideas, and it comes back round by measuring the outcomes of our products.

Go Native - Dog food

Go Native is a healthy paleo dry food with superfoods such as alfalfa, cranberry, kale, pumpkin and sweet potato for optimum nutrition. Each product in this range contains a single source of protein – organic salmon or herring or free-run duck or chicken — for healthy muscles.

Groom Professional - Dog shampoos used in our grooming salon

Groom Professional has been developed as a brand to combine a high level of quality, value for money pricing, innovative packaging and attention to detail

Halti - Collars, leads and training aids

The Company of Animals have been the UK market leader for over 35 years in the development of innovative training aids to stop dogs pulling and it all began with the creation of the original HALTI Head collar by Dr. Roger Mugford in 1979. The fundamental principal behind the HALTI range is to use a humane approach to control the pulling problem by controlling the direction the dog moves in, thus allowing the owner to focus on re-training the dog. At the centre of our design is meticulous testing to ensure every product delivers a positive result for the owner and a comfortable fit for the dog

Henry Bell - Bird care

 All Henry Bell bird food is highly nutritious and made with quality ingredients to appeal to a wide variety of birds.

Henry Wag - Dog accessories

 Henry Wag products were inspired by the founders own lifestyle, active outdoor living with dogs, 3 daughters and all the muddy wet challenges this presents

Hills - Dog & cat food

 Hill's Pet Nutrition: Creating properly balanced dog & cat food for your pet's nutritional needs, no matter what their life stage, breed or size.

Home Farm - Dog food


Hugo & Hudson - Dog beds

Hugo & Hudson London offer the highest quality in pet products as well as customer care. See the best luxury dog accessory range with bandanas, beds, coats and jacket 

Hunter - Range of German dog leads, collars and harnesses


Hurtta - Dog Harnesses, leads and collars

 Hurtta Dog leads are made to last. A good dog leash is safe and comfortable to hold

Innocent Hound - Natural treat for dogs & cats made locally in Wetherby

 Raw Dog Food Ready To Serve. Grain-free and Hypoallergenic. Brands: Air dried dog food, Handcrafted in Yorkshire, British ingredients.

JR Pet Products - Natural dog treats

The Ultimate in 100% Natural Treats for Dogs & Puppies from Award-Winning JR Pet Products. UK-Based Business. Great 100% Natural Treats & Chews for Your Dog

Julius K9 - Dog Harnesses

The go-to choice for professional dog handlers, trainers and pet owners across Europe, Julius-K9® provides high quality puppy and dog harnesses in the UK.


JW Pet Products - Dog toys

JW Pet design innovative and ingenious dog toys. From squeaky to interactive toys, there is something to keep your dog happy and entertained.

Leathleys - Dog Food

The Leathleys range includes a selection of recipes with the finest freshly prepared raw meat gently cooked to protect the valuable protein, plus a blend of nutritiously beneficial Superfoods.

Leucillin - Health supplements

 Leucillin Antiseptic Skincare is specially formulated for the equine and petcare market, it provides a high strength healthcare solution you can rely on;

Lickimat - Dog & cat accessories

 Enrichment Treat Dispenser for Dogs & Cats

Muck Boots - Dog walker go to walking boot and gardeners wellington boot

From Gardening, Dog Walking & More, Muck Boots are the Perfect Shoe. View Our Range Online. 100% Waterproof. Survive All Muddy Fields. Weather Resistant Shoes.

Natures Menu - Raw & wet dog food

Feeding Time Couldn't Be Easier. Give Your Furry-Friend Natures Menu Dry Dog Food Today! Pamper Your Pooch With Delicious Raw Meals, Delivered To Your Door. Trial Our Meal Plan! Tailored for Dogs. Types: Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Tripe, Turkey, Fish, Pork.

Nordog - Dog beds and toys

Nordog believe in dogs and we believe in versatile design. We believe that your dog deserves the very best. Nordogs vision is to create comfortable, timeless designs and make them available for a wide audience of dog owners.

Pawsome Paws Boutique - ranges of co-ordinated harnesses, collars and leads for dogs and accessories for their owners

Home of the most stylish Dog Accessories Brand on the Gram. From matching dog collars, harnesses + leads to human apparel + accessories

Pet Bakery - Dog treats

All Pet Bakery treats are handmade using the highest quality human grade ingredients, resulting in the best quality treats for your dog.

Red Mills - Dog food


Royal Canin - Dog & cat food

Each formula has been formulated to provide nutrition that meets health needs based on size, breed, age or lifestyle.

Scruffs - dog & cat beds and bowls

Scruffs® have a wide collection of luxury dog beds and pet beds at fantastic prices

Smedleys Dog & Cat food


Tropiclean - range of shampoos, wipes and cleaning products

Tropiclean dog shampoo and oral care will keep your dog smelling fresh and looking clean whilst staying protected from ticks and fleas. 

Whimzee - Dog Chews

WHIMZEES® brings a passion and commitment to developing the most effective, all-natural dental treats for your dog.

Yakers - Dog chews

 Made to an ancient Himalayan recipe, perfected over hundreds of years from our 100% natural ingredient, yak milk. YAKERS are the ultimate 100% natural dog chew

Yumove - Health supplements

YuMOVE, we’re science and heart combined. That means we never cut corners. We could have something that we know is clinically sound, but if it’s not the right thing for pets, we go back to the drawing board. By linking the science with our love for animals, we know we can deliver with confidence, and that our products do what they say and what we’ve promised.

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