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Henry Bell No Mess Mix 2Kg

Henry Bell No Mess Mix 2Kg

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Henry Bell No Mess Wild Bird Mix is perfect for bringing birds to your garden to feast on a healthy blend of seeds, suet and sunflower hearts.

The mix is rich in nutrients that will nourish and satisfy any wild bird, with a no mess formula that is perfect for a bird table, feeder or to be sprinkled on the ground.

  • Blend of seeds, suet and sunflower hearts
  • Nourishing mix
  • Rich in nutrients
  • For bird tables, feeders and the ground
  • No mess design

Ingredients: Kibbled Maize, Red Dari, Pinhead Oatmeal, White Millet, Cut Wheat, Sunflower Hearts, Flaked Wheat, Red Millet, Suet Pellets, Soya Oil.

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