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Natural Dried Treat Cod Buttons 150g

Natural Dried Treat Cod Buttons 150g

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Dogs of Britain, set your tail compasses to ‘Wag’! COTSWOLD’s Raw Air Dried Cod Buttons have docked, and they’re making waves in treat jars everywhere.

  • Ocean-Crafted Flavour: Authentic cod taste in every button, for a maritime munch.
  • Nutrient Preserving Process: Air-drying locks in all those sea-goodness nutrients.
  • Sensitive Stomach Friendly: Grain-free and all-natural, ensuring smooth sailing for tummies.
  • Clean Ingredients Only: 100% Cod. No added ruff stuff. Paws down, it’s pure.
  • Planet-Happy Treats: Sustainably sourced cod, because we care for oceans and paws alike.

Ahoy there, dog lover! If you’ve been hunting high and low for a treat that merges Cotswold’s renowned charm with the spirit of the deep blue, your quest ends here. Introducing the Raw Air Dried Cod Buttons – a 150g nautical fiesta in a pouch.

What’s so special about them? Well, imagine capturing the essence of a seaside adventure – the playful waves, the salty breeze, the tantalising scent of fresh fish – and compressing it into bite-sized buttons. That’s precisely what we’ve done!

Main Ingredients: Only Cod. It’s that straightforward and scrumptious.

Here at COTSWOLD, we believe in treating our furry friends to nothing but the best. While we can’t physically take your pooch on a beach day out every evening, we can certainly sprinkle a dash of the sea onto their snack times.

For a doggy experience that’s fresher than a British sea breeze and as posh as afternoon tea in the Cotswolds, trust these Cod Buttons. Dive into flavour; your pup will be all ears… and wagging tail! A sea-brilliant treat awaits!

Tempted to bring the coastal vibes to your pup’s treat time? Cast your net on these today!

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