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LickiMat Mini Tuff Buddy Purple

LickiMat Mini Tuff Buddy Purple

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LickiMat Mini Tuff Buddy: The Ultimate Soother for Pets Introduce your furry friend to the LickiMat Mini Tuff Buddy, a bona fide boredom buster for both dogs and cats. This isn't just any pet accessory; it's a pathway to calm and contentment, perfect for serving up their favourite treats, from yogurt and peanut butter to a variety of pet-approved spreads and foods. Whether it's a slower feeding experience you're after or a fun alternative to the traditional feeding bowl, this LickiMat is up to the task.

Keep Calm and Lick On The genius of the LickiMat lies in its ability to reduce anxiety, boredom, and destructive behaviour. By promoting licking, it releases endorphins, giving your pet a sense of peace – ideal during stressful situations like vet visits or thunderstorms. Plus, its textured surface is a treat for your pet’s tongue, designed to enhance their sense of taste and make a little bit of food go a long way.

Health Benefits in Every Lick Beyond enjoyment, there’s a world of health benefits. The licking action is not only soothing but also promotes dental health by generating saliva, which helps protect teeth and gums. It’s also a boon for digestion and fresh breath, as the natural rubber surface helps clean your pet’s tongue. With LickiMat, you’re not just indulging their taste buds; you’re boosting their wellbeing.

Serve Up a Smorgasbord of Healthy Treats From purees to organic snacks, the LickiMat turns treat time into a fun, slow, and rewarding challenge. Freeze treats on the mat for an even longer-lasting experience, perfect for those warm summer days or to prolong the enjoyment of their favourite snack.

A Versatile, Mess-Free Solution Say goodbye to traditional feeding bowls. The LickiMat Mini Tuff Buddy is suitable for a wide range of foods and can serve raw, wet, dry, and liquid diets without any fuss. Available in a variety of designs and colours, it's the perfect fit for any pet household.

Key Features:

  • A Calming Treat Experience: Perfect for reducing anxiety and boredom.
  • Designed for Dogs and Cats: Suitable for all sorts of treats and foods.
  • Dental and Digestive Health: Promotes saliva production and fresh breath.
  • Slows Down Feeding: A healthier way to treat your pet.
  • Non-Toxic Material: Made from food-grade TPR, free from BPA, PVC, silicone, and phthalates.
  • Easy Maintenance: Freezer safe, microwave friendly, and easy to clean.
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