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JW Mega Egg Green Small

JW Mega Egg Green Small

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Keep dogs busy for hours with this fun JW Mega Egg. Great for solo playtime or fetch, the egg-shaped design makes it nearly impossible for dogs to get a solid grip with their paws or mouth creating an endless game of chase! The erratic motion will keep dogs entertained while engaging their natural hunting and chasing instincts at the same time. Available in three sizes, JW Mega Eggs are made from durable, non-toxic plastic designed to resist punctures and are built to last. It is recommended to choose an egg size that is bigger than the dog's mouth so that they get the maximum amount of playtime and enjoyment from the toy.


This has been the best selling toy this year selling hundreds of units to keep the dogs of Harrogate entertained from a truly independent Harrogate pet shop 

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