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Hurtta Weekend Warrior Warming ECO Harness Bilberry Mix 45-60cm

Hurtta Weekend Warrior Warming ECO Harness Bilberry Mix 45-60cm

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The Weekend Warrior Warming ECO Harness is ergonomic and suitable for active dogs. When using the harness, the pressure caused by pulling is evenly distributed on the dog's chest. But what truly makes the Weekend Warrior Warming Harness ECO unique is its foil print lining that actively reflects the dog’s own body heat back to the dog for extra warming. Comfort, control and cosiness, what more could a dog and dog owner ask for?

Durable, quick-snap buckles provide quick, easy-on, easy-off dressing – without having to lift the forelegs – while the adjustable straps at the neck and chest guarantee a comfortable fit. The easy-clean surface material is made of 100% recycled polyester.

The back or top of the harness features a rugged safety grip handle that provides extra control in challenging situations and on uneven terrain. The durability of the critical points on the harness is ensured by special stitching which has been tensile-strength tested to comply with the SFS-EN ISO 13934-1 standard.

The Hurtta Weekend Warrior Warming Harness ECO is also suitable for use as an additional heat generator for dogs that become cold too easily, especially short-haired and elderly dogs.

ECO: 80-100% of materials are recycled

ADJUSTABILITY: 20% adjustability with 4-6 points of adjustment

DURABILITY: Tensile strength at least 6 times the weight of the recommended breed

WEATHERPROOFNESS: Weatherproof neoprene
THERMAL: Outdoor temperature between +10º C and -15º C / +50º and +5 ºF

Key Features:
  • 3M reflective pipings
  • Adjustable neckline and chest strap
  • Durable handle and stainless steel metal ring for the leash
  • Foil lining reflects body heat
  • Made from recycled material
  • Weatherproof shell with comfortable neoprene padding



  • Surface fabric: 100% Recycled PES / 2 mm Neoprene padding
  • Lining fabric:
  • 50% recycled PES, 50% PES technical 180g knitted lining, with a heat-reflecting aluminum foil pattern
  • Woven bands made of wear-resistant 100% Recycled PES
  • Quick-snap buckles made of durable nylon
  • Metallic hardware made of durable stainless steel


We launched in September 2020.  We are a team of people in the North of England who love the Hurtta brand.  Our sister business, Podgy Paws, is based in Keswick in the heart of the Lake District, where we have been selling and fitting Hurtta products for the last 14 years.  Over this time we have learnt a lot about the care and fit of Hurtta and are now delighted to be able to bring this experience and expertise over to a UK based website providing all things Hurtta.

We are also excited to be able to bring you many exclusive products and colours that are not available anywhere else in the UK.  For example have a look at the Extreme Overall, or the fabulous Buckthorns colours, or perhaps the camo downpour suit. pet shop near me.

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