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Hurtta Razzle-Dazzle Reversible Midlayer Blackberry 35cm

Hurtta Razzle-Dazzle Reversible Midlayer Blackberry 35cm

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The Razzle-Dazzle reversible midlayer soft fleece jacket makes sure that your dog is comfortable and protected in any weather. Just choose the side that works best depending on weather conditions, the thickness of your dog’s coat and the activity your dog will be enjoying.

You can adjust the back length, waist circumference and even the collar. With no zippers or buckles the jacket is easy to put on and take off. The jacket also makes a great first jacket for puppies because its adjustability, lightness and softness can help ease dogs into becoming better acquainted with wearing apparel.

The jacket’s protective overlapping, double-layered front has your dog covered, literally, allowing for higher jumps and quicker moves without distraction. Your dog will have plenty of room to play and work thanks to the jacket’s flexible surface fabric that is designed to accommodate a dog’s natural movements.

ADJUSTABILITY: 20% adjustability with 4-6 points of adjustment

BODY COVERAGE: Covers approximately 70% of the dog

VISIBILITY: Multiple reflectors, luminous intensity 400-450 lx/m2

THERMAL: Outdoor temperature between +15º C and -10º C / +60 ºF and +15ºF


Key features
  • Comfortable fit
  • Cord adjustment of the head opening
  • Integrated reflective seams
  • Light and unobtrusive
  • Light and flexible material
  • Overlapping bib for freedom of movement
  • Reversible design


  • Surface 1: 100% PES 50D knit
  • Surface 2: 100% PES jacquard fleece 180g


We launched in September 2020.  We are a team of people in the North of England who love the Hurtta brand.  Our sister business, Podgy Paws, is based in Keswick in the heart of the Lake District, where we have been selling and fitting Hurtta products for the last 14 years.  Over this time we have learnt a lot about the care and fit of Hurtta and are now delighted to be able to bring this experience and expertise over to a UK based website providing all things Hurtta.

We are also excited to be able to bring you many exclusive products and colours that are not available anywhere else in the UK.  For example have a look at the Extreme Overall, or the fabulous Buckthorns colours, or perhaps the camo downpour suit. pet shop near me.

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