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Hunter Leash Retriever Freestyle 10/120 Rope grey

Hunter Leash Retriever Freestyle 10/120 Rope grey

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Hunter Freestyle Leash, Rope, Training Collar, Adjustable, with Stop Ring and Slide

With the FREESTYLE Retriever leash, the collar can be infinitely adjusted so that it fits the dog exactly. A slider prevents the collar from becoming too wide and stops the dog slipping it off. The hard-wearing and weatherproof material also makes the FREESTYLE Retriever leash the right choice for use in wind and weather. Since the FREESTYLE Retriever leash is weatherproof, it is unaffected by cold or heat, and dirt can just be wiped off quite easily. Not only is the rope very low maintenance, it also gives the leash a novel look which will attract attention wherever you go. The FREESTYLE Retriever leash is also really pleasant to use because it sits so softly and securely in the hand, and the width adjustment on the collar is incredibly simple with a robust stop ring and slider to prevent the collar from becoming too tight or too wide.

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