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Groom Professional

Groom Professional Foxy Poop Shampoo 450ml

Groom Professional Foxy Poop Shampoo 450ml

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Groom Professional Foxy Poop Shampoo is designed the remove the scent of fox poo in one wash!

This shampoo contains stronger odour neutralising ingredients to break down the pungent scent of fox poo, instead of simply masking it. The shampoo has unique cleansing ingredients to ensure the coat is cleaned thoroughly and no poo residue remains. The bespoke long-lasting scent will keep your pooch smelling great for days!

Directions for Groom Professional Foxy Poop Shampoo: Simply wet the coat thoroughly with warm water, massage the shampoo into the hair until a rich lather is produced then rinse with warm, clean water. For extreme cases, repeat process.

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