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Company of Animals Puppy Training Line Black

Company of Animals Puppy Training Line Black

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Teaching your puppy how to behave is one of the most important things you can do. To help you correct bad behaviour without confrontation or misunderstanding, Company of Animals has produced their puppy training line. 

Suitable for any breed, a training line is easy to learn to use and integrate into your puppy's daily life. It is lightweight so your pup won't even notice they're wearing one, as well as being super long - 2.5m in length!

The training line is excellent for indoor use, whether it's for preventing an unwanted visitor on your sofa, or stopping a pair of shoes mysteriously going missing.

To use simply attach to your puppy's collar or harness, and when bad behaviour occurs either pick up the lead to stop additional movement, or you can redirect the puppy to a positive activity to keep them entertained.

What the Puppy Training Line can help prevent:

- Chewing

- Stealing

- Jumping

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