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Beco Natural Rubber Boredom Buster

Beco Natural Rubber Boredom Buster

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An enrichment toy to fill with treats, nut butter or paste that’ll keep your dog busy and stimulated. It’s made from springy natural rubber and rolls to keep your dog engaged as they solve the puzzle. This toy is designed to hold its own against determined dogs and heavy chewers.

When it comes to materials, we use recycled, natural or renewable wherever possible.

Equally, we're looking for a material with the right qualities to make products that exceed your expectations. It could be its strength, flexibility or texture.

It is always a balance. Sometimes it's better to use a material that has an environmental impact 10% greater than the most "green" option out there. If that extra 10% means a product that lasts a lifetime, it could be worth it.

Traceability is key.

Knowing where our materials and ingredients come from and how they are grown gives us the power to champion positive change in our supply chain. Equally, it means we can share the details with you.


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