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Beaphar Care Plus For Rabbit Junior 1.5kg

Beaphar Care Plus For Rabbit Junior 1.5kg

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Beaphar Care Plus Rabbit Food is a beautifully balanced and highly digestible food which has been specially developed by vets and nutritionists. The pellets have a high fiber content of 25% in order to optimise your rabbit’s digestion. The hardened texture promotes good dental health by strengthening the teeth, thus reducing the risk of dental problems.


The feed has balanced quantities of fiber and high-quality, palatable vegetable proteins (as well as zero added sugar) to make sure your rabbit’s nutritional needs are met. Packed with antioxidants including Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, Vitamin E, green tea extract, and spirulina, these recipes support a strong immune system. Additionally, prebiotics support a good balance of gut flora in your rabbit.

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