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Royal Canin Pomeranian 1.5

Royal Canin Pomeranian 1.5

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mall, fluffy and brimming with self-confidence, the Pomeranian is a breed variation of the German Spitz and is becoming increasingly popular, winning the hearts of dog owners everywhere! They have a friendly nature, are not intimidated by larger dogs and can bark surprisingly loudly for such small creatures. When feeding this breed, it is vital that you choose a dish tailored to the special nutritional needs of a miniature dog. This Royal Canin Pomeranian Adult has been specially created as a daily dry food that provides everything your Pomeranian needs for good health.

The size, shape and texture of this Royal Canin Pomeranian Adult kibble has been specially adapted to the small mouths of Pomeranians so that your dog can effortlessly pick up and chew this dry food.

Royal Canin Pomeranian Adult is available as both a dry and a wet food. The two varieties can even be combined to provide your dog with an irresistible and nutritious meal. The combination brings variety as well as ensuring a balanced diet for your Pomeranian. Kibble is rich in nutrients and can support dental health through the mechanical abrasion caused by chewing. Wet food is high in moisture, which can be essential in supporting weight management and urinary tract health.

Royal Canin Pomeranian Adult at a glance:
  • Dry food for adult Pomeranians over 12 months old
  • Special recipe: tailored to the nutritional needs of the breed
  • For daily feeding: complete food suited for daily nutrition, ideal for combining with Royal Canin Breed Wet Pomeranian
  • Tailored kibble shape: perfect for the small jaws of this breed, easy to pick up and chew
  • With omega-3 and –6 fatty acids: can help to keep skin and coat healthy
  • Supports bones and joints: tailored mineral content, enriched with EPA and DHA
  • Easy to digest: can support normal digestion and contribute to optimum stool consistency
  • Dental hygiene: chewing the kibble can help to support teeth cleaning
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