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Cotswold Raw

Cotswold Natural Dried Treat Sprats 100g

Cotswold Natural Dried Treat Sprats 100g

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Yummy & natural, add in the occasional oily fish as a treat or addition to our complete meals.

Protein 57%, Fat 22%, Ash (inorganic matter) 7%, Fibre 1%, Moisture 13%


At Cotswold RAW we are a dedicated and passionate family-run company. With several dogs of our own, we made the natural decision to switch their diets over to raw food and soon noticed an improvement in their behaviour, digestion and overall health and appearance.

Realising first-hand how beneficial this style of feeding was, we began to develop our own recipes using fresh meat, seasonal fruit and vegetables and our own Cotswold RAW herbal supplements. Since 2014 we've been working independently to develop and produce high-quality Biological Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) for dogs.

Our raw mince and sausages are made in-house for complete transparency in our manufacturing process. If you turn over the packet to read our ingredients, you'll see you won't need a science degree to understand what you're feeding your dog. All of our ingredients are British and sourced locally wherever possible, either in the Cotswolds or down the road in the Vale of Evesham. We use chicken that is free range and organic.

Here at Cotswold RAW we want what is best for our dogs. The result is a convenient solution for raw feeders and those making the switch from dry food with a product that not only tastes great, but is a complete and balanced meal in a convenient format.

Why Natural?

Our raw treats are a fantastic way to support your dog's health in a way that matches their natural instinct. Not only do they provide your furry friend with key nutrients, but they also provide them with an outlet for their urge to chew and tear, helping maintain their dental health.

Our treats and chews are naturally produced, with our 'nose-to-tail' approach ensuring no part of the animal goes to waste. There's no better way to keep their diet true to nature! From raw bones to meaty treats, our selection is sure to keep your dog happy and in good health. Chewing is a great exercise for dogs, both mentally and physically, releasing natural endorphins.

Explore our selection of natural raw treats below and get your dog's tail wagging!

A natural product from our extensive range of natural treats for your furry friends. Shopping from a pet specialist ensures you and your dog gets the best products available. Get the best selection of natural treats from a independent Harrogate pet shop in Harrogate near me

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